Fiendish Friday: Esoteric

I don’t talk about religion. My views on religion and God and personal responsibility tend to confuse people and someone ends up with hurt feelings. But I noticed something lately that made me willing to post this.

I was in a very depressed, stressed out, creatively empty place for the last four months. It was not good. I was not me. I was a shell that used to be me but the inner beauty that is me had moved out. I can’t really blame that inner me, my life had become a very inhospitable place.

I stopped writing. I lost the desire to write as well. The two are different and the lack of desire is by far the sadder one. I had to really work at it to even be funny in my blogs anymore. Oh the horror…

But slowly over the last few weeks, I’ve come back. And my muse has returned. I penned some new words on a new novel. I’m happy again. I feel whole. If a bit pressed for time. But several times recently, God, yes I said the G word, has demonstrated he’s clearing the decks for me to focus on what really matters.

A new treasurer for the board popped up out of the blue and I am going to be able to resign at the end of the year. Little happy dance!

A writing teacher I have been filling in for, emailed to say she is ready to take back over the SnoValley Writes classes at the library, allowing me the choice to continue Nano to Publish or not as I WANT. Choices are so awesome.

Things keep popping up for the coop, which I am devoting more time to, and each time they do, people step up to help. I almost need to say it twice. People step up to help out and make it work. And that leaves me feeling energized and like I am spending my time for that board wisely and on a population that appreciates it.

And I found myself giving advice that I needed to hear. And I could actually process that I needed to hear that advice and take it myself.

To me, these are gifts from a power higher than myself. They are things I could not have produced on my own, no matter how hard I tried.

Let’s not have a discussion of religion. Please. But I would love to hear any gifts you’ve gotten recently.


2 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Esoteric

  1. I had a bad cold this week and used the down time to write for the first time in almost a month. So there’s that.

    Sometimes things work out and the fates align in such a way that we know we could NOT have orchestrated….I’m with you.

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