Sunday Sup: Pizza Pasta

This one is actually all mine. LOL. More or less. It came from my fave pizza that I make at MOD. But MOD is expense and I have to drive there and it’s far and I hate traffic and….So this pasta was born.

Chicken Pesto Pasta

I use a lot of “easy” food in this so that it’s a quick go to meal. You could do it all homemade and fresh, if you have the time and desire. I do when I do and when I don’t, I don’t. I’m not giving much in the way of quantity here because a lot of this is to your taste and scales easily. Feel free to add or subtract based on your family’s taste.

Chop bacon into a skillet, brown. (1/2 pound maybe)

Start a pot of water to boil.

While the bacon cooks, thin slice a couple of shallots or a red onion (if using an onion cut your slices in half), chop up some marinated artichoke hearts.

Remove the bacon from the pan. Add the onion of choice. Give it a couple of minutes, then add the artichoke hearts.

While they brown, chop a bag of sliced precooked chicken breast. (1 lb, I get mine at Costco. You can of course use any chicken leftovers you have laying around, or cook some fresh if you have the time.)

When you’re done chopping the chicken, the veggies are probably almost nicely browned, toss in whole roasted garlic cloves(I get mine from Whole Foods). Give it a minute then remove the veggies.

Add the chicken to the pan.

Add pasta to the boiling water. I use Edamame pasta(Gluten free and HIGH protein), which has a short cook time, 3-4 minutes. If your pasta has a long cooking time no sweat. The chicken will wait.

Stir chicken until warm, pour pesto on the chicken until well coated. Again I use Costco Genoa pesto. You can make your own. I rarely do, but then I’m lazy. LOL.

When your img_20160924_151754pasta is done, drain it and toss it with garlic parm butter. Get it nicely coated. Now add your bacon, pesto covered chicken, and veggies. You can add a little parm cheese to the top if you like.

It’s warm and tasty and makes great left overs. And if I use all the prepared stuff, I can whip this up in 20 minutes.



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