Sunday Sup: Lazy Curry

This recipe has been modified so many times I am not sure of it’s original parentage, but I  suspect it was a Rachel Ray recipe many, many moons ago. I used to do all my cooking from Rachel Ray recipes. And to be honest she only ever let me down once. That’s a pretty spectacular track record.

So Lazy Curry:

Thinly slice a sweet onion or two if you really like onions. Toss them into a pan with fat of your choice over medium heat.

While the onions caramelize, quarter, then chop a couple of zucchini. Toss them into the pan with the onions, stir everything.

Sometimes I add eggplant. If you want to go that route, dice an eggplant and add that to the pan. It just depends on how lazy I am feeling. I never peel the eggplant first.

When everything is soft and slightly browned, add 2-3 cups of chicken stock. You don’t want soup here, just enough to cook down into a saucy mess. Now stir in 2-3 large tablespoons of Patak’s curry paste. You’ll know how much when you smell it. Now add 2-3 large tablespoons of Patek’s mango chutney. Match the amount of paste you put in. Now a huge handful (or three) of golden raisins. Stir.img_20161129_090134

Add some chopped up chicken. Again I used precooked when I am being super lazy or grill my own when I have a bit more effort to expend.

Stir it occasionally for 5-10 minutes until the chicken is warm and the sauce is thick and rich.

Serve over rice or with naan. Your call.

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