Sunday Sup: Christmas Morning

I think I’ve talked before about how we do Christmas at my house. We don’t just tear through all the gifts and then sit around stunned. No, we play with each one as it is opened. This means Christmas morning, lasts days in our house, or it can anyway, especially the year the kiddo got 27 new Lego sets. Oy. So to counter the desire to eat everything in sight I make this casserole every year and some sort of yummy to go with it. This year it was paleo apple cider donuts.

Egg and Green Chile Casserole

The original recipe came from my friend Christine but of course I had to mess with it.

Pre heat to 375, butter a 9×13 glass dish.

In a big bowl mix 10 eggs, 1 pint cottage cheese, two 7 oz cans fire roasted chopped green chiles (feel free to sub some canned jalapenos if you like to live on the edge), 1/2 c butter melted, 1/4 c flour (gf in this house, I like to use Tapioca flour), 1 tsp baking powder, then fold in a lot of cheese. Like 16-20 oz worth. I mix it up using mainly jalapeno jack with a touch of mexican shredded cheese combo. Ok, I pour in a 12 oz bag of pre-grated jalapeno jack and then a couple of  handfuls of the mixed mexican cheese.

Pour it in the dish and bake. Check after 35 minutes but you will probably need more like 40-50. It should be brown and puffed up and when you stick a knife in the eggs should be firm.

As for the paleo donuts, I wasn’t too sure about them. I’ll tinker with recipe some more and post those when they are ready.

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