Book Review: Solo

A bit back I reviewed a book by Jill Mansell which I liked a lot but which made me cry. I do not like books that make me cry. So I decided to grab another one of her books and see how that went. Solo. 

wrinkles nose. It went on way too long. It’s the typical story of boy and girl meet, misunderstandings occur, they split, they come back together, they split, etc. But it happens like 37 times in this book because it goes on for 472 pages. I rather enjoyed the book for the first 250. Not “woot this is awesome”, but a solid four rating. But then it kept going on. Rather like when the guy I was dating dragged me to see the Fellowship of the Ring. I am not a Tolkien fan. I know, I know, just get over it already….

Over it yet? So, in the movie when they formed the ring, I thought “Oh thank god, this has been the longest 3 hours of my life.” But then the movie didn’t end. It went on and on. And I realized after looking surreptitiously at my phone, that we were only half way through.

This book was like that. There was a natural ending that would have made it a solid four rating but on it went for another 200 pages. Bleh. And look surprise, she willfully misunderstands him yet again. And he takes it, again. And Again. And Again.

℘℘ – Two Pages. I finished out of the sheer hope that something unpredictable would happen. My hopes were dashed.

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