Fiendish Friday: Polar Bear

I find whenever I talk to someone I haven’t seen in a while or a friend I’ve known forever, they always ask if I am happy. What I want to say is yes, I am happy and sad and annoyed, angry, joyful, excited, tired, irritated, frustrated, cheerful…these are emotions, which come and go and I feel them all at various times.

I think what they really want to know is am I content? And I am. I have an amazing life which is nothing like what I ever imagined for myself. And I think that’s why people ask if I am happy. It’s not what they expect to see for me. It’s not the world they expected me to live in.

But I feel like a wild animal who once caught and put in captivity, adjusted and has now realized, it’s not so bad here. No one is hunting me. I am well fed. I have things to play with and people who play with me. People routinely line up to admire me.

I am this polar bear.  polar bear

His world maybe be concrete and limited, but the water is cold, it is snowing, and all is well for him in this moment.

Side Note: I actually had this awesome video of him swimming laps I took at the Berlin zoo but WordPress wants me to give them more money to be able to show videos. So you get a still shot. LOL

2 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Polar Bear

  1. I first think that I could not be the polar bear for it is so limited, trapped in a very small cage with nowhere to go. Then I think of all us, trapped in a much larger cage with everywhere to go. The polar bear, as you said, is content in its cage. We can go virtually anywhere. How many of us are truly content. I envy you.


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