Fiendish Friday: I am too old for this sh…

This last weekend my hubs and son flew to another state for a family reunion. I stayed home. My FIL was pretty difficult about the timing, I would have had to cancel two of the classes I teach and so I opted out.  At the time I thought, woot, girls weekend. I called an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while and suggested she come visit. She couldn’t do it.

Ok, weekend to myself. I’ll make plans with local friends and hot yoga a lot.

Then the week before said weekend, my girlfriend calls. All three of her kids had the stomach flu, one at a time, then the youngest got it again, and then her dog had kennel cough and would throw up with every coughing bout. She needed a break and was coming out. Sweet!

First night I invited a bunch of local friends over to drink, eat, and make merry. Stayed up til after one doing so. Ouch.

So ok Saturday morning hurt a little. 6AM the alarm goes off. I stumble out. (Side bar: I am on a mission to get up at 5AM so I can hot yoga twice a week in the AM and write for 90 minutes the other 3 days. I’m in the process of rolling back my wake up.) Coffee. Which we drink for 3 hours before walking the dog. Shopping all day. Wine tasting. More drinking at home watching The Martian. (Matt Damon is getting old. I prefer his Bourne/Oceans 11 look.)

Sunday we hot yinyasa. It’s this cross Yin and Vinyasa class. New teacher. The class is all yin, almost no vinyasa. Damn, I was hoping to work off a few of those alcohol calories. But that doesn’t stop us from going to Cinebarre and drinking more with another movie. She lives in a state where you would never be able to get a real drink in a theater. LOL.

All this said. I hurt. All the sugar in the alcohol is killing me. My muscles are aching and cramping as all the water my body was holding to process said sugar is recycled out. I still haven’t caught up on my sleep.

So to remind myself why I don’t drink or eat sugar….I am cleaning the house to get ready for my next friend who is arriving in 5 days. This friend and her hubs probably top the list of people the hubs and I consume the most alcohol with. I NEED a big reminder. LOL. Wish me luck, I need it.

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