Wednesday Words #3

With the editing of others: Not editing a damn thing right now

With my own writing: Not writing a damn thing right now.

Emotionally: Ugh. This was the penultimate week of what I refer to as April-itis. My April swell to the size of three months every year. Since I posted WW last, I have cleaned my house, prepped personally and the coop for a Teacher Fair and Open House, held said event, shopped for house guests and parties, went to PTA convention, taught, had an allergic reaction(sneaky strawberries), cooked for and entertained inlaws, went back to convention, more cooking and entertaining, hosted brunch birthday party, site seeing in Seattle, more cooking and entertaining, Monday at coop combined with son’s birthday, cleaned, shopped, and made a lego brick ice cream cake. Today I will throw the party for my son’s friends and be done with April itis. Emotionally – I am spent. There’s nothing. It’s just exhaustion and the vague feeling I’m either eating too much sugar to cope or coming down with a cold.

Topic for debate on my writing: Local events as a writer or national impersonal advertising…

Right now I am the Local Spot Light Author at St. James Espresso in Kirkland. I will be all month. Last year, I participated in multiple local events. None of which got me much in the way of sales or traction, building word of mouth. But some would argue it takes years to build a local following and I should stick with it.

What do you think? Is it worth the time, energy, and money, not to mention opportunity cost to work local events or do you think authors should focus on the impersonal advertising campaigns of Amazon and Facebook, for example?

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