8 Things I love

Today’s book review is suspended in honor of my son’s eighth birthday. It’s tradition….

Eight things about my son

  1. He is a total hug monster. And he demands a hug when he wants one. That ability to ask for what he needs so boldly astounds me.
  2. He fully expects his needs to be met. smiles. This is the best thing I could ever teach him. His needs matter and he has a right to them.
  3. He learned to read this year. 2nd best thing he could learn. LOL
  4. His heart is constantly expanding. He can make a new best friend everywhere he goes and still love the old one.
  5. He has more girlfriends than the members of a rock band, combined. I still remember being at the zoo when he was maybe 2 and this little blond girl, he met that day, kissing him after they played together.
  6. He makes me laugh every day.
  7. He trusts me with his emotions.
  8. He does what he likes no matter what the norm is. He wears pjs everyday with a Star Wars Kylo Ren tie, paints his finger and toe nails, rocks a faux hawk, hates Disney style “kid” movies because they are mean, is just as likely to watch Lego Friends or My Little Pony as Ninjago or Rebels.

One thought on “8 Things I love

  1. I left Disney channel on one day after watching some kind of older movie of theirs, because I was too busy with blog post to get up, and the prattle that came on in the background was an eye-opener. I think their kid shows are very mean-spirited and present a standard for acceptance as well as models for behavior that are frightening. Not nice at all! Great discernment….Go kiddo!!

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