Sunday Sup: Paleo Ice Cream

I’m pretending it’s summer. I am ignoring the sub 60 temperatures, the freezing wind, and the pouring rain. It is summer, darn it.

I recently got the kiddo to agree to go dairy free for a year to help his nose dry out. Snot faucet over here. So he asked me to make him ice cream. There may have been some British Baking Show involved as well. LOL

Cashew Butter Ice Cream

Mix one can full fat coconut milk (14oz) with 1/2 c coconut sugar until the sugar is incorporated. I use my immersion blender for ease of clean up. Add 1/2 c cashew butter and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ( I like bourbon vanilla).

Pour into your ice cream maker after it is already on. After 12 minutes it was at the thickness point to add 1/3 c Lily’s chocolate chips (vegan and sugar free). I also tossed in two big spoonfuls of no sugar added raspberry jam. Let the mixer roll on.

Five more minutes brings you to soft serve consistency where the paddle is just rolling about the edge of the bowl and the ice cream is in the center. If you are expecting some Ben and Jerry’s style jam swirl through the ice cream, don’t. It combines but tastes yummy. Scoop it out into a close-able container and pop it in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours before consumption.

Just let me put on a sweater and wrap up in a blanket and I’m ready to eat summer ice cream. LOL

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