Sunday Sup: Grilling it up

I have to give credit to the basis of this meal to my friend G. She serves something very close to this every time we go to her place and I LOVE it so much, I started making my own.

Thinly slice a red onion and a red bell pepper. Begin to saute over LOW in the fat of your choice, I like butter for this one. Stir occasionally as they cook for 20 minutes or more, til soft and golden brown.

Slap a some steak on a grill. I use about a pound and an indoor grill but really scale this up or down anyway you like.  I grill at 350, five minutes each side, rotating on both sides for that lovely cross hatch effect. Medium rare, when it’s done.

While the steak is cooking, start defrosting a pound of large shrimp, fresh is awesome if you got it but frozen works just fine in this recipe.

In the mean time, steak is still cooking, shrimp defrosting, make some fresh guac.

When the steak is done, pull it off the grill and tent it with metal foil until you are ready to serve.

Throw the shrimp on the grill. Two minutes per side should give them a nice opaque color and a bit of grill mark.

While that’s cooking, open a bag of slaw mix, bowl it, and squeeze 1-2 limes over the top. Toss.

When the shrimp are done, bowl them, then squeeze a lime over the whole mess and give a healthy shake of Chile Lime seasoning salt.

Slice the steak.

Add any topping you might like as well. Sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips on the side if you dairy and grain.

Assemble: slaw salad, sauteed veggies, meat, guac, etc.

This recipe scales easily. More steak, less steak, sub chicken, no shrimp, anything goes. Just remember to add onions and peppers as needed, the one and one is for the base meat amounts I mention, so be sure up them if you change the meat.


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