Book Review: Wine. all the time.

Part of me wants to say I don’t know why I picked this book up but really I do. See, I have this friend. She and her hubs are super into wine. She came out this past spring and we  went wine tasting. I had no idea what the hell she was talking about with the wine. No idea. So when I saw Wine. all the time. by Marissa A. Ross, I thought why the heck not.

The book is pretty funny. I mean, yes, Ross goes on and on about how wine is made, and what all the labels mean, and what people mean when they say a wine is full bodied and fruity, and why you should only drink natural wines. But in all that she is damn funny. And all that is actually kind of useful. Apparently Old World wines are ruled by various laws that say certain regions can only grown certain kinds of grapes so instead of telling you a bottle is a Cab, it says the region, expecting you to know what kind of wine comes from that area. No wonder wine is so confusing. I think I’ll just stick to drinking it.

℘℘℘- Three Pages. Useful little book. I’ll be honest, I skipped a lot of it. I don’t really care that much about wine. LOL


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