Fiendish Friday: Murphy’s Law Got Me Again

Let me set the scene for you. Tuesday morning. I think I know where my day is going. Up on time, coffee while puttering around handling stuff at the house.

An hour of yoga, hot, sweaty yoga.

Get the kiddo up, start on home school with him (yes, we home school in the summer too). Before I know it, it’s 940A. I need to leave the house in 20 to 30 minutes at the absolute maximum if I am going to make our first stop on time. Crud home school time warp strikes again.

I still need to get all the things we need for the day together, multiple stops worth. Pack healthy lunches and snacks. Get the kiddo through getting dressed and brushing teeth. And Shower.

No time for all of that. Hrm, decisions. Mental check list. Dropping kiddo off to the climbing gym. No one there is going to notice if I’m in work out clothes and a little smelly. Go to Starbucks to write. I’ll sit outside, that will be fine. Meet friends at Adventure Park, the park where kids get to build things out of wood, in 85 degree weather and lots of dirt. Huh. Shower can wait til after that little adventure. Perfect. I just get everything else done, with a few seconds for extra deodorant.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to me, the office manager at the non profit where we rent space for the coop school, has discovered he forgot to communicate our 2PM appt with his boss. He calls the coop pres and asks her to come in at 2P. She calls me, stressed because its 1230 and this feels like something is wrong. Right? Who calls you to drop everything and come in unless there is a problem?

I am 45 minutes without traffic from my home. The coop is 30 minutes without traffic from my home. If I yank my kiddo out of class right now, I can get home and pull on clean clothes but I won’t be showering. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Murphy, you suck!

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