Fiendish Friday: Halloween Funny

My kiddo has a lot of weird appointments this year so we find ourselves needing to kill 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there. We can’t always go to Half Price Books. Ok we could but that gets dangerous….

We found ourselves with 45 minutes to kill by a party store. The kiddo wanted to look at costumes and I needed to pick up some more toys for the fidget box I bring to my classes. We stop in the aisle with the Star Wars costumes on one side and a bit further down, wigs. Party wigs. Wild crazy multi colored wigs.

I’m looking them over.

This woman walks up and is looking as well. We share the brief smile you give people who are standing near you looking at similar things in a store. Come on, we all have one.

Anyway, I see her take a double look. Then she’s looking from my hair to the wigs to my hair to the wigs. Finally I smile and say,

“I need something boring for Halloween.”

I seriously thought she was going to fall over laughing so hard.

Enjoy the weekend!

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