Kindness Challenge Day 19

Day 19: Cook an extra meal and drop it off to someone

I baked like a mad woman last weekend. Then I set aside some of every requested treat for my friend A.

A just had a baby. Her 4th. And then when said baby was 2 weeks old, A had emergency surgery. Then she got a post op infection because who can rest with four kids.

So now she’s on doctor ordered bed rest, with four kids, and a sweet, kind, loving, but slightly clueless hubs. And it’s Christmas.

They got food in the freezer (hello she had three kids to start, she knew to cook months of meals ahead and stock the freezer).

Home made double chocolate cookies, fudge, peppermint bark, snickerdoodles, and apple pie cheesecake bites…that ain’t coming out of the freezer.

Side note: Apple pie cheesecake bites. Heaven! I’ll post the recipe after the holidays.


If you don’t know what I am talking about with the whole Kindness Challenge, you can find the calendar here. All normal posts will resume in January. Enjoy the time off. Enjoy the kindness. Practice a little yourself.

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