Wednesday Words 1.3

It’s a new year of Wednesday Words. I want to try to be more regular about this but I suspect it will still be hit and miss.

I wrestled a lot last year about whether I have the right temperament for the battle it takes to get any traction in the publishing world. I’m caught in the standard catch 22. I need more reviews to get more marketing but I need more marketing to get more readers to get more reviews.

So I’m giving it one more year. I’m shelving the debate about my emotional state and going full out. Whatever ads and marketing I can secure, three more novels, and probably one anthology, if Dan wants.

I was asked to post more of my writing. I can do that. I will do that. Soon.

What writing goals do you have for yourself this year?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 1.3

  1. To get book II and book III out for the Witty Miss Livingstone series, and to write the draft of book IV. I’ve been terribly discouraged about not getting book II out in the Fall like I had planned. Then I remind myself I published an extra book in my other series in April, but it doesn’t help the way I feel emotionally. I missed my announced goal and let at least one reader down who was very anxious for book II release and came to one of my events in person hoping to get it. With all the things I accomplish and the ridiculous amount of hours I log writing, editing and marketing (let alone reading and helping other writers with critique etc) you’d think I’d feel happy and accomplished as a writer. But I can only see the gaping hole of the things I haven’t done. I need to back away from the evil vortex of doubt and defeat. Easier said than done. But I too am going full out, and book II will be out as soon as I can get it polished and best it can be.

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  2. Your paragraph 2 sums up my situation entirely. How much longer will I give it? The actual writing will only stop when I’m dead, but the marketing? I think I’ll end up giving it all away free and if one or two readers let me know they like it, I’ll be happy. Speaking of which, I should have let you know a while ago that yours was the best story in The Box Under The Bed.

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