Fourth Quarter 2018 – One Page Reviews

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Mackenzi Lee

I remember reading a review of this book that highlighted all the “amazing” sex scenes. sigh. 143 pages in and no one has had sex. Yes, there were two groping scenes but only one was even slightly titillating.  Worse the main character is such an ass I don’t want him to get laid. I want him to get shot. Maybe he redeems himself later in the book, I’m sure that’s the point but he’s so nasty and self deluded 143 pages in that I just can’t believe any meaningful transformation can occur.

The House of The Spirits, Isabel Allende

This was a gift from my sister in law a few years back. I tried to read it. I tried to like it. Yawn, yawn, yawn. It’s literary but that shouldn’t be an excuse for page upon page of back story each time a new character is introduced. I should care about them first.


Side Note: I have decided this will be the last One Page Quarterly Round Up. You don’t need to know which books I don’t like. I think originally I felt I should justify by rating system by posting one pagers when I found them but now I think you should trust me. Smiles. Plus I want to put less negativity in the world.


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