Fiendish Friday: And the hits keep on coming

I mentioned before that I teach at one of my local libraries. Been doing it a few years now as part of a co-team. This is my first year out on my own. Thursday was the first class of the new session.

Join local self published author, T.A. Henry, for a year long series on surviving self publishing. From cover design to launch parties, she will walk you through the ins and outs of going it alone in the publishing world. January’s focus will be in cover design: do it yourself, pay big money, or something in between – how do you know what it should look it like, what information to provide, and where to find the help you need.

Sounds awesome right?

Too bad no one else thought so. I sat alone with my laptop and a projector – waiting….


10 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: And the hits keep on coming

  1. Maybe you need to branch out to a new location? Everyone in the area that would take that kind of class has already taken it from you in that area? Also if you picked a T, W, or Th you have to compete with evening school events. There are more and more activities out there you have to compete with. Everyone is struggling with finding good meeting times. Why not try an online class. You can reach more people that way.

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  2. Oh bummer…I was afraid of that. I think GoGoMama may be right about this area being saturated with classes on these kind of topics. With the writer’s group turning 10 this year, I think most of the interested and ‘serious’ writers have been flushed out of their hiding spots and, if they are inclined at all to classes or activities, they’re already tuned in and published or working on it. I’m really sorry to hear it didn’t work out so far this year.

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      1. That’s a tough call. You know what my decision was this year. I don’t regret it for my personal goals, but I’m really saddened that the community has ceased to attend such library events. Almost nothing author-related seems to draw a crowd there anymore. Perhaps online classes really have replaced such things. I went to one myself this year and haven’t been to much at the library.

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  3. That always sucks! Since there is no way to really know the reason there is nothing to fix or improve. Maybe in the grander scheme your made a commitment, allocated time then the calendar cleared – now it’s your time to enrich yourself. 🙂

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