Book Review: Dial Meow for Murder

A while back I reviewed Death by Chocolate Lab. Dial Meow for Murder is the amusing second book in that series by Bethany Blake.

Poor Daphne, once again she finds a dead body. That girl should never go anywhere alone. She finds bodies every time she does. She says she is trying to stay out of this investigation, but she’s not. LOL.

The murder felt super low key in this book. The focus seemed more on the complications in everyone’s lives, which I can’t say made the book any less enjoyable.I’m kind of invested now and I want to see where things are going.

The series also makes me think I’d like to live in a small town. Just maybe not Sylvan Creek, people keep dying there. LOL.

℘℘℘℘ – Four Pages. I can’t wait to get my hands on Pawprints and Predicaments.

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