Book Review: Cremains of the Day

I know, I know. Another cozy. But the thing is, now that I’m writing some cozy procedurals, it’s kind of research, right?

Cremains of the Day by Misty Simon is the first in a new series about a youngish woman who moves back home to the family funeral home after her divorce.

Tallie, the main character was fairly well drawn. I get a solid feeling about who she was and how she came to change which is nice. Unfortunately, the back story was delved out with a bit of a heavy hand in my opinion, think large spoon slapping down clotted cream, rather than sprinkles. But I have a soft spot for characters who do what needs to be done, especially when it’s vastly unpleasant.

There is of course a ex in the back ground making things icky. Old friends who are new bosses and extra icky. And a love interest who came across as a little overly possessive.

Toss in a couple of dead bodies, a chief of police who wants to hang them around Tallie’s neck and she’s off to the races investigating and stumbling across many, many clues.

It was a solidly decent book. Some issues with her time line. A few procedural mistakes. I will probably check out the next one though, see if the author hits her stride.

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