Book Review: Who Killed These Girls?

I’ve been doing some research lately. The second book in my cozy procedural trilogy is set in the cold case squad, and I realized while I knew a lot about standard police practice, forensics, and detective work – cold cases might be a new breed. I better buff up. I hate putting out a book where I just make all the cool stuff up. Truth is so much more interesting.

And Who Killed These Girls: Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders by Beverly Lowry was fascinating. The hubs was working from a lot of the days I was reading this, especially the day I finished the second half of the book because it was so incredible I couldn’t put it down. I kept going into the room he was in to interrupt him and tell him the next shocking thing that happened in the investigation and trial. The info so good enough he didn’t even complain.

Four teenage girls are murdered. Brutally. In a yogurt shop. Then set on fire. Heinous crime by any standards. But as years roll by and they have no one to blame. Things get worse.

Lowry interviewed everyone, she read whatever she could get her hands on, including trial transcripts. She put together a very balanced look at the case. At no point does she make any interjections on the guilt or blame. She attempts to really show how the case impacted everyone involved.

Except the guy I think did it. Yup, I have a theory from reading the evidence, such as it was. But what do I know, I’m just an author.

Fascinating look at how investigation go wrong. Where tiny little mistakes pile up into big holes, leaving enough room for a killer to escape.


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