Wednesday Words 2.14

It’s apparently Valentine’s Day. I got my first clue it was coming when I took a girlfriend to my favorite Lularoe dealer this past Sunday. She gave away Valentine’s leggings with every purchase.

Then this morning my father in law calls me.

“I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s so nice to hear your voice.”

I do have an awesome phone voice.

“And I wanted you to know if (insert hubs name here) doesn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day, it’s not his fault. I never did anything for his mom when he was growing up.”

That’s stinkin’ cute.

We don’t actually do Valentine’s Day in my house. Our dating anniversary was like five days before Valentine’s so it seemed pointless. And then once we got married…whatever.

I actually texted my hubs to warn him I already bought flowers while getting groceries so not to get guilted into buying any on the way home from work. ROFL

The kiddo went to school today. Thank god. Wednesday is the one day a week he goes to class for 6 hours without me. But he hadn’t been since before Thanksgiving, long story about that, he went today. I have time to write and yoga, so I’m going to get on that.

PS. Yes, I am a Lularoe devotee. I like to look like I made an effort while feeling like I am wearing pajamas. Lula fits the bill, perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 2.14

  1. That is cute, for sure. 🙂 Very low key at my house too. Some years we do nothing. This year we bought each other nice cards which we agreed this morning we weren’t into exchanging until tonight. We also each bought a small thing of chocolates ‘for the other’ that somehow was partially eaten by the purchaser before ‘the other’ had any. LOL Works for me. We declare our love and appreciation all the time, so not a big deal to have a day for it…but it’s nice to be extra reminded, I guess. I’m going to Writer’s Cafe’ as usual tonight. We have a Valentine’s date planned for happy hour/dinner Friday where I’ll eat at happy hour and then keep the table until he arrives from the bus to eat dinner…so romantic ROFL

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