Wednesday Words 2.21

I feel like crap today. Heinously anxious, headachey, jittery, exhausted from lack of sleep.

Whenever I have psychic pain it always becomes physical for me. I’m fighting with a friend. Maybe still a friend? I don’t really know. She isn’t talking to me right now.

For several nights, I’ve been unable to shut my head off to sleep. Dealing with massive emotional stress. Which means multiple runs of SVT, which is my body’s default when sleep deprived and stressed. Nothing like the joy of feeling like you’re having a heart attack 6-8 times a day. Wheeee.

All of this makes me not able to focus on my writing, even though for the first time in what feels like months, I have time to write.

Very frustrating.

How is your WIP? Are your plans for 2018 shaping up as you wanted? Are you having to adapt? It’s good for you but sometimes doesn’t feel like it. Do tell me all about it….

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 2.21

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