Fiendish Friday: “I hate rich people”

I LOVE teaching teenagers. I do. They are at this amazing time in life where they have begun to develop opinions about almost every subject under the sun. But they haven’t quite refined their thought process yet. So it’s often the funniest things that pop out of their mouths.

A couple of Friday’s ago, this one kid pops off with he hates rich people.

I say why?

“Because they have soooo much money.”

“And you want that money?”

“Who doesn’t?”

I manage to say, without laughing, “It is almost impossible to become that which you hate. Maybe you should try learning from them. How did they make their money? Where did they get? How can you do that?”

Drop the microphone, baby. Stunned teenagers.

But my subconscious didn’t want to drop the microphone. It started niggling me in the back of my mind.

“Hi There. Come here often? Anyone you might be hating on you could learn from?”

Aw man.

I started thinking about James Patterson in the shower the next day. (Don’t go there, when you have kid/s the shower is often your only refuge.) I refuse to read his books anymore. They aren’t his. He doesn’t write anything anymore. He suggests, someone else writes, he looks it over. I’ve been angry about that for quite some time. I liked his early books, the ones he wrote, rather a lot back in the day. But one could say, I kinda hate him.

The other side of that, he’s a household name. He’s got so much traction in readers, he can not even write his own books and they still SELL.

What can I learn from him?

He published his first book in 1976 (I was born that year, FYI). It took him ten years to publish his first five books. He releases a couple of more and then he starts a series. Popular series that lands him a couple of movie deals. He puts out a book a year in that series, while dabbling in a few other interests. Then hits on a second series.  Shortly after that he starts getting co-authors and his books per year expand exponentially.

What can I learn from that?

— It takes time. He’s been building since I was born (clock check – 42 years). I’ve been building for 3 years.

—- A series always helps.

— Don’t bite off so much I feel the need to get co-authors to keep up with publication. LOL Wouldn’t that be a nice decision to have to make?

6 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: “I hate rich people”

  1. Ha! I feel much the same about Patterson’s books. I mean, I don’t blame him a bit for finding a more efficient way to increase his catalog, nor do I blame the authors who have allowed their efforts to be obscured behind the Patterson brand in order to maximize sales. I just don’t have to read the result.

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  2. Thoughtful post. I like all kinds of points here. One of the things I came across lately was in Cathy Yardley’s free 10 day course that she sends by email when you sign up for her email list. It was about defining your author goals – which I thought I had done. It basically asked if, you want to have a ton of readers? make a ton of money? have full artistic freedom to write what you want? Patterson seems to have chosen money. He’s brilliant at that. I’m not that author, so I don’t admire his success as much as say, Neil Gaiman who wrote what he wanted to write and broke through with that to also have tons of readers and, presumably, quite a lot of money. Why, because first and foremost I want to write what I want to write. What’s your primary goal of the three? How would you feel if the others were taken away to reach that goal?

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    1. I want readers to love what I write and to write what I want. I think they are quite close in ranking in my heart.
      Money is secondary(tertiary?), although I’d really like to be able to pay my cover designers what they are worth and have that be covered by sales. LOL

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