Fiendish Friday: Work?

I’ve noticed this trend. Whenever I go somewhere during the “working” day, someone inevitably comments “but you don’t work right?” as soon as it comes about that I home school my child. And I have to ask, you – not them, what exactly do you think I do all day? Eat bonbons and watch soap operas. I can’t remember the last time I ate a bonbon (keto mug cakes do not count) and Property Brothers is not a soap opera despite the hi-jinx and twins involved.  So this is what I did yesterday while “not working” and to be honest this is pretty close to an average day for me.

Get up, make coffee

Walk Dog

check personal email, check professional email, read and respond to commentary on blog

home school child

hang dry wall

spend an hour pulling weeds

watch 4 additional children who’s parents (friends of mine) needed help (5.5 hours)

read 120 pages of a text on effective marketing

write wednesday words blog, write review of marketing book

quick 30 minute meeting on registration for the coop and what still needs handling

yoga for an hour


cook dinner


pick up house

eat with hubs

crochet half an infinity scarf for xmas while watching home repair shows

research tile and wall paper options and prepare a slide show for the hubs to review so he can have an opinion on the bathroom I am renovating

write shopping list for home depot trip

pack my clothes, the kiddo’s clothes, keto friendly snacks, and vitamins for weekend trip to FIL’s birthday event

read 50 pages of a cozy mystery before bed.


There you go, my non-working day. Seriously, I miss the days when I went to the office for my job for 8 hours.

Then on the drive home I saw this sign. “Life sometimes hands you lemons but you don’t have to suck on them.”

Well crap. ROFL. Fine, I’m going to take them lemons, add butter, almond flour, an egg, monk fruit extract and make me a mug cake.


8 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Work?

  1. I get that. My aunt is currently not working; she passed the time by singlehandedly remodeling her house and taking care of two excitable small dogs. Eventually I suspect she will start studying how to install fences so the dogs can go outside without constant supervision.

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