Wednesday Words 4.18

I got rather a lot of downloads from the 48 hour free run I did earlier this week. Especially considering I hadn’t bought marketing for it. My friends pestered their friends. Let’s hope that turns into votes next week. Pretty please with sugar on top.

I haven’t actually written new words in over a week. The kiddo was on spring break last week which usually means lots of play dates and special events where I can squeeze in quality time with my laptop. Only….he came down with a cold on day 1.

I finished the bathroom demolition though. And created another 200 gallons of yard waste to be taken away. I’m hanging dry wall now and still creating yard waste. I think I’ll be planting new bits in the yard next week.

In the mean time, many an idea is percolating in the brain for the second novel in my mystery series. So I can get right back to writing on that now that the kiddo is better.

For the Dismember series, I think the first one is going to be named The Body in the Pool. Then the second and third ones can be The Body in the etc. Keeping an association in the series. I’m thinking The Body in the File for book two maybe. Or maybe The Body in the Past.

Voting for RONE Suspense/Thriller Novels opens next Monday. Here’s the link to the voting page. Yes, I know there’s no little radio buttons. Those will be active next week.

What’s going on in your writing world?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 4.18

  1. Yes, I like The Body in the Pool…but I think I said that before. Sorry about your writing time, but sounds like house time was satisfyingly productive. 🙂 My writing world is ridiculous amount of hours editing lately, but the results are pleasing me and hopefully will make the readers happy. I just can’t believe the level of work that Miss Liv II needed to fly. Almost done…Three more chapters!! Yay!

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