Book Review: Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder

Sara Rosett’s Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder turns in a fun mystery that makes me glad I home school. LOL

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Goodreads):

With summer approaching, Ellie Avery s schedule is ruled by attending end-of-the-year events at her kids school and avoiding run-ins with her arch competitor. When a murder disrupts the core curriculum, can the two women form an alliance to teach the killer a lesson in justice?”
As a regular volunteer at North Dawkins Elementary, Ellie would never miss the annual Mother’s Day breakfast even if she has to tolerate the likes of Gabrielle Matheson. The rivals aren’t exactly sworn enemies, although Ellie still thinks there’s only room for one professional organizer in their small Georgia town.
But when Ellie sees Gabrielle in the hallway, she s a mess. It looks like Gabrielle s seen a ghost or, as she explains, a dead body inside the supply closet. Before Ellie can get help the body vanishes . . . only to mysteriously reappear later at the school.
Little is known about the victim, a secretive snoop with a nosy nature and a penchant for keeping quiet about her own past. Ellie will leave no desk unturned to protect her kids and expose the cunning criminal s identity. Because if she doesn t, the killer may chalk up another textbook case of murder . . .


My thoughts:

I was having a few low energy days when I read this. Even so, I really enjoyed it. I could relate Ellie, a mom trying to take good care of her kids, while juggling a career that isn’t always following the most direct route. (cough – cough, hello)

There was a good plot, some red herrings (no, I wasn’t fooled but that means very little), a nice supporting cast. Ellie figures out who dun it and the author lets you figure it out too, which I love. I hate the whole “I didn’t tell you information” method of suspense building.

The “additives” we’re evenly space every other chapter and were super short and easy to skip if you had no interest in them. I liked that fairly well. The additives at the back is my favorite method because it interrupts the flow of the book the least but this was fine.

This is book number ten in the series and I will be circling back around to try out some of the early installments.

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