Book Review: The Dark Angel

Ah Elly Griffiths, you always entertain me. The Dark Angel was no exception… while I was reading it. More on that in a bit.

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Goodreads):

Dr Ruth Galloway is flattered when she receives a letter from Italian archaeologist Dr Angelo Morelli, asking for her help. He’s discovered a group of bones in a tiny hilltop village but doesn’t know what to make of them. It’s years since Ruth has had a holiday, and even a working holiday to Italy is very welcome!

So Ruth travels to Fontana Liri, accompanied by her daughter Kate and friend Shona. In the town she finds a medieval shrine and a dark secret involving the war years and the Resistance. To her amazement she also finds Harry Nelson, who is enduring a terrible holiday at a resort nearby. But there is no time to overcome their mutual shock – the ancient bones spark a modern murder, and Ruth must discover what secrets there are in Fontana Liri that someone would kill to protect.

My thoughts:

Harry is not enduring a terrible holiday at a resort nearby. He comes to Italy for Ruth and Kate because of an Earthquake. What balderdash.

Anyway. The mystery is slow and languid which is typical for Ruth Galloway novels. I like that. As usual it’s complicated beyond all reason. Love that.

My bone to pick is this. The whole who’s the baby daddy, will they won’t they thing…gone on way too long. I like the series just fine when Harry was with his wife and Ruth was doing her thing and the focus was the incredibly complicated crimes. But now this is the third or fourth book where the focus is shifting more and more into will they/won’t they. Bring back the crime!

Still plan to read every book she puts out in both series. LOL

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