I’ve been thinking Thursday: Another driving PSA

I know I post these way too often but this time…I was wrong…oops

I routinely turn left at an intersection where the two directions opposite each other are coming out of parking lots and while they have two lanes, there are no protected arrows, just the big round green circle at the same time. One lane is straight/right, one lane is left turn.

I always though that people turning left had the right of way. After all the right turners can go anytime there is a break in traffic but the left turners can only go on the green light. Makes sense for traffic flow that left turns should have right of way, otherwise once all the right turns go, there won’t be time for the left to go and that will just back up for days.

Anyway after some woman yelled at me last week and called me a not nice name, I decided to research this.

And I was wrong. Unprotected left turns are the bottom of the priority list even behind right turns.

Makes zero logical sense to me.

Luckily I moved this weekend and now I can go right out of that lot towards home and have the right of way. LOL

I’ve been thinking Thursday: Moving

Yup, I am moving again. This weekend in fact. Will be lots easier this time as we divested ourselves of all the “stuff” when we moved last summer from the ginormous house to the reasonable townhouse.

I had actually planned to move yesterday. But then at closing I found out the house had asbestos. Yes, they divulged previously, to the hubs, who didn’t think it was a big deal. But it was a big deal to me. So we hired a contractor our real estate agent knew and got that taken care of. It was supposed to be done today. So I canceled all the move arrangements. Rescheduled for Saturday.

Guess what happened?

No, seriously, say it…

And you’d be wrong. They finished early. I could have made my Wednesday move plans. sigh.

It’s like some reverse corollary of the things will go wrong when you count on them not to. I counted on it all going wrong and then it didn’t? What is that?

Anyway, I must get back to my boxes. The kitchen isn’t going to move itself. But wouldn’t that be nice. LOL

I’ve been thinking Thursday: Annual Testing

I home school my kiddo, which in WA state means you have to do a test every year once they turn eight. There is massive leeway on how you do it. But I found one online that worked for the kiddo so we do it every year around the same time.

And as we wait for the results I find myself casually appraising what changes and growth I see in my kiddo.

Last year at this time we had a never ending battle about him wanting a big birthday party and me being unwilling to give him one because of the heinous disaster his party was the year before.

This year, he gave up a huge party in favor of private one on one karate lessons with his favorite sensei so he can be ready to try out for demo team.

Last year testing I had to supervise him every minute because the second I walked away he decided he was bored and walked away.

This year, I actually left him and went to teach for an hour and he finished 3 exams on his own.

He’s growing and changing in so many ways that these tests will never show. Sure he now knows how to spell better and he can do more advanced math.

But he also is learning to show compassion. To be helpful just because he can. To have long arguments about hypothetical space and time travel. LOL

The test will probably show that same disparity among his academic skills that it shows every year. But it hasn’t the foggiest idea that he is starting to learn the stuff that really matters. I get to capture that.

Aw crap it’s Thursday…

I totally forgot to write down something funny I was thinking about this week. Probably because not that much funny is going on.

The co-op is still struggling to work out a new location.

The hubs and I are fighting.

I still have pneumonia.

Every review of my new book talks about how they can’t wait for the next one.

Good luck with that, I ain’t writing it.


I’ve been NOT thinking Thursday: Author down for maintenance

Good morning.

Things have been a bit mad here.

My son got the stomach flu last Thursday. Quick 24 hour bug for him, involving no fever and one episode of vomit.

You know what’s coming right?

I got the stomach flu on Friday. It was pretty quick but more like 30 episodes of vomiting in 18 hours. Yikes.

But wait there’s more….

When you throw up that much all the muscles in your abdominal area, including your esophagus get wore out. And little things, like say vomitous stomach acid, end up in your lungs.

Three guesses what happens when foreign material ends up in your lungs?

If you guessed Aspiration Pneumonia, winner winner chicken dinner.

Like I said, author down for maintenance.

I’ve been thinking Thursday: Hedging my Bets

I teach. This is not new news to you, I am sure.

I teach at a weird cooperative school where 75% of the students are non neuro typical. Lots of ADHD. Lots of ASD. Anxiety. Dyslexia. Dysgraphia.

And most of those are 2E.

Add in hormones and it’s a mad, mad zoo. But I love it.

Our current lease is likely not going to be renewed next year. Changes at our venue. They took two classrooms away this year, one literally the day school started. (Yes, we have a signed contract, no, they do not honor it.) Anyway…. If they do renew our lease they are taking another classroom next year. Shrinking our offered classes by 40% in one year essentially.

I got super nervous about this. And I started the process of getting another teaching job at another small school where a number of our coop students take classes.

They offered me an array of classes.

And then I realized, I didn’t actually want to teach there. I was hedging my bets. Insulation against the huge, grieving loss I would feel if the coop closed.

I turned down the classes at the new school, proposed 3 more classes for the coop for next year, and threw myself into the search for a new location that will allow us to grow rather than slowly choking us to death.

I may end up with no where to teach next year and that will break my heart a little, maybe a lot. For me though, it’s so much better to throw myself 100% into something that is a passion even if I lose in the end, than to tepidly hedge my bets and feel nothing.

I’ve Been Thinking Thursday: Big Corps

A lot of folk I know have been up in arms about the young woman, 19, who died because her asthma medication was too expensive. It is a tragedy. No one should die for lack of medication that is readily available. (Side note, I read she had meds but chose not to take it because she wanted to save it for when she really needed it and died before she got to the hospital.)

But all of the commentary is aimed at CEOs of big corporations who are only after money. They charge exorbitant rates because people will try to find a way to pay it. Lots of people calling for big corporations to be responsible and reasonable with their actions.

Sounds good to me. Sounds downright perfect.

Except, at the same time, we aren’t holding the average man/woman responsible for their choices.

Take this young woman, from what I read, she lived in the UK, where asthma medication can cost between 100-500 dollars a year. (yes, I know they have pounds there, monetary conversion done for you.) That’s between 8.35 and 41.47 a month for inhalers, I assume the variation is based on how many you go through.

So if you need an inhaler to live, that puts it in the category of housing and food, right?

If you can’t afford your meds, you must not have any disposable income, everything must be going to higher priority needs like roof and food?

But she clearly had disposable income. Dyed hair. Eyelash extensions. All lovely things that are not NEEDS. At some point she chose to spend her disposable money on those things rather than her medication.

How can we demand boards of directors and CEOs act reasonably and responsibly, dare we say with civic interest at heart, when we don’t hold people accountable for their choices. Big corps are run by people. People with money, but people none the less.

I can’t help but feel as a society we need to look at the choices we make and take responsibility for them, or we have no chance at getting people who are more interested in profit than people, to do the same.