I’ve been thinking Thursday: Belt Test Update

A few weeks ago I posted about my kiddo being an awesome human during his belt test and how he thought he would get marked down for helping several people rather than maintaining attention.

Results came back. He passed.

So technically he was eligible for the weapons class but he still had to get approval from sensei that he was meeting the other requirements.

He got it. Started weapons class the next week. Really good class taught by the black belt who has scored every one of his tests. Familiarity helps the kiddo adjust easier, so a familiar teacher makes for a positive class start. As I watch the class I realize not only is he lowest belt in the class, he is the only one at that level. Hrm….

Spring forward 24 hours to new belt awards.

It’s a really boring process. Call up kid by name. Bow to sensei, bow to sempi, take off belt, get new belt put on, bow to sensei, bow to sempi, bow to audience. Audience claps. Repeat.

When they call up the kiddo the sempi breaks the process to talk about what an amazing job the kiddo did on the belt test. He didn’t do that for any of the other belts awarded (12 or so).

Say what?

I think the kiddo only got into weapons because he helped the other kids on the belt test.

Makes a mom proud.

Side note: they were learning drops. he was sparring with a girl. Anyway, he was so stinking careful with her, she just kept backing out of the hold. I asked him about it later and he was like, “Mom, she’s half my size. I didn’t want to break her.” LOL Oh the things he’s learning about adapting in the world when you’re going to be six foot seven like your Dad.

I’ve been thinking Thursday: Good Parenting?

Have you ever noticed right about the time you’re ready to send your child off to a military style boarding school they suddenly pull some amazing miracles out of their ass?

Seriously, in the midst of a heinous day of the kiddo acting like an extra from a zombie apocalypse movie (just replace “brains” with “irritate mum”), he suddenly pulls off a stunner of a twist.

He’s at his karate belt test. He’s sparing with a girl who’s his own level, they test based on belt type, so she should know everything he does. They’re the pair sparring closest to the mom zone. I can hear him coaching her. “You have to apply enough pressure to keep my elbow straight.” “They’re looking for you to do three taps to my arm before you punch my ribs.”

Warms my heart.

Then it goes on.

They’re doing kata. Now at their level, a black belt demonstrates the kata so they can follow along. But if they want a higher score (ie they want in to the coveted weapons class), they have to perform without a black belt leading. One boy volunteers to go alone. The sensei asks if anyone else wants to go with him or if he’ll have to be all by himself? The kiddo jumps up and says he’ll do it so the kid doesn’t have to be alone.

Oh, just wait….

When they finished kata they are supposed to stand at attention until everyone else finishes and they are dismissed. No problem this first go. But then a large group of kids get up to do kata without a black belt and mine goes again. He finishes and stands at attention. Everyone else finishes except one girl. She is clearly lost. Kiddo starts kata from the very next move she needs and she follows him to the end.

After the test is over, the kiddo tells me “I’m probably going to get marked down for not maintaining attention but it was worth it to help her.”

Well, damn.  Perhaps humanity is not lost.

No military school for him this week I guess.