I’ve been thinking Thursday: Pregnancy

Stop. I am NOT pregnant.

Moving on.

I belonged fully to the class of thinking that says I am pregnant not dying of a terrible disease. I am completely functional. In fact, I said that once to a professor who was overly solicitous of me while I was pregnant. “Dude, I’m pregnant, not dying.”

I think pregnant woman are fully capable of shopping for themselves, cleaning their own house, installing a drip system in their backyard (ok I took nesting to another level). They can ride a bike and eat good quality sushi while they’re at it.

Unless a doc tells them otherwise for good reason. But let’s not digress too far.

So believe me when I tell you how horrified I was, this is not coming from a belief that pregnant women are delicate flowers.

I was in target, shopping sans kiddo, but in a bit of a hurry as I had to get back to collect him from the tutor.

When I saw this woman, clearly full term, clearly baby was playing how low can you go, and…..

she was waddling with her legs at least 3 feet apart.

Lady, you should not be shopping at Target, I do not have time to deliver your baby when you go into labor today and get back to pick up my kiddo from the tutor. LOL.