I’ve been thinking Thursday: I think my head is broken

Last week I got an email from an anthology I was asked to submit to. I wrote a twisted little short about an energy demon trapped on Earth. Anyway, the anthology accepted the story.

I wasn’t even happy. My brain immediately started going on about how it’s not like this was going to help me gain readership.

What is that about? It’s like my writing career is stuck permanently in the negative. I keep moving forward, doing all the things people say you should do. Act positively. Only, I don’t think I really believe it will create a positive outcome. Ergo, my head is broken.

Do you have anything in your life that causes a disconnect? Your actions and your beliefs are at total odds?

Wednesday Writer’s Update 1/11

Afternoon dear friends. The first 11 days of this year have been such a bizarre mish mash of delightful contentment and total irritation. LOL. I feel like a manic teenager. But sugar detox will do that to you. I fell off the sugar wagon at Christmas. sigh. It happens every year. But I rarely get back to good so early in the New Year. Last Thursday I said enough is enough and I put myself on a 5 day detox.

I also decided to continue with my December  routine of only doing the things that have to be done when I feel like doing them. But I did decide I should put on my big girl pants and do one thing each day I don’t want to do but has to be done. So how is that working? Let’s do a check in.

Writers Goals:

1. Publish my Spy Novel in March.

Encourage beta readers to get their feedback in. – I have sent a sweetly worded please get back to me soon email to all my betas. I have 2 of 6 back to me at this point. Both want more character development but the character they wanted developed is different in both cases. Again in complete opposition. One person says Gareth is fabulously developed, the other wants more Gareth development. sigh. Why can’t people agree?

2. Marketing – something new each month

I have done nothing towards this yet.

3. Take a break from writing until when I dream I’m writing I don’t wake up in a cold sweat.

I will still blog 3-4 times a week. Never fear.

Non Writing Goals:

1. Up Yoga to 6 times per week.

Currently getting up at 645 and I haven’t missed a day of yoga in almost 2 weeks. It helps I’m having the kiddo join me now. Less meditative for me, but I still get something and it seems to be helping the kiddo with his home school work.

2. Make more time for my friends.

Interviewing a sitter in about 20 minutes. Wish me luck. LOL.

How about you? What sort of start is your year off to?

Random Tuesday Post: Modern Publishing

He’s brilliant as always. And once again telling me things I didn’t quite realize.

Scammers used to operate at the edges of the publishing business, but have wormed their way into its heart. And the entire industry is in denial. An unintentionally revealing aspect of the tiresome Amazon-Hachette dispute was a series of statements from an organization purporting to advocate for authors’ rights. One of the heinous crimes Amazon […]

via This Is The Modern Publishing Business — David Gaughran