It was a glorious weekend

It was one of those weekends full of reminders that I am indeed an adult and I almost behave like one naturally.

Example A) I got food poisoning or maybe the stomach flu Friday, spent Friday night sick as a dog. When my husband suggested he would go shopping for birthday presents for my son’s favorite playmates (seven year old twin girls), I said yes and got back in bed. Where I stayed all day long. All day.

Example B) The community pool opened this weekend. Except here in the Pacific Northwest the temperature didn’t get above 60 this weekend. My husband took my son who couldn’t wait to go swimming while I gave the whole thing a pass. Just because the body of water is open doesn’t mean it has to be swam in.

Now these sound like little things, and maybe they are, but to a girl who once skinny dipped in San Francisco Bay in January just because she could, these are big growth moments. LOL.

On the writing front, it is half way through my first week and I have written zero words on my spy novel. But I think I have both an idea and access to documents for the research end for my Nano this year. It will be a murder mystery. And yes it is in the foam bowling pin range. Not sure what I’m talking about. Read up here. Plot Stucture

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