Wednesday Writer’s Cafe

I bailed.

I know, I know. I never miss unless something major has gone down. But really I didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep the night before and when I tried to grab a nap my kiddo was incapable of letting me. Plus I didn’t have a sitter. And the other mom who brings her kids to write in (they play with mine super well), told me they weren’t coming. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Does that qualify as major?

It did to me.

So I stayed home. I didn’t even write. I didn’t even write my bog post for Wednesday. I watched documentaries and painted. I needed that break though, let me tell you. Yesterday felt almost as long as the drive back from Park City, Utah, which I did in one day, all 850 odd miles of it, with my kiddo.

So onto the photo situation. I promised you a reveal this week and I will.

The problem is…..

Everyone seems to like one photo and I really like another. I posted the photos to facebook because I wasn’t getting enough meaningful feedback here. And I got a full slew of friends who swear this is the best photo ever.

Image One
Most voted for.

I like it. I do. It needs some photo shopping, like the shadow and lines on my neck.

But personally, I feel pulled to this one.

IMG_2612 (2)

Yes, it needs the shine fixed on my lip gloss. I’m thinking about maybe bringing it up from black and white to a tonal shot, not full color but playful. It could be interesting given how much of my hair is on display and is blue and green.

Sigh, what’s an author to do. Tell me, please?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Writer’s Cafe

  1. I think your resistance may show you don’t like the one everyone chose…which is good to know. I think adding a tint to show the hair would give a little more strength to the one you like, but I still don’t like how you are entirely unengaged. In the one everyone liked, you aren’t engaged with us, but you are engaging because your energy is very intent on something to the side, like you’re full of secrets. There’s story there. In the second one, the angle of the shot and the angle of your eyes give no energy and in fact give me a down feeling. It would work if it appeared you were intent on something, but somehow it loses your spark and looks like you’re thinking of nothing. I remember you had other shots from the same angle above but with your eyes to us. Maybe that compromise might be a winner?

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