Monday Book Review: Vanished

It’s not often that I review YA probably because it is not often I read it. LOL. I read a lot of non-fiction, as anyone who follows my book reviews knows. Occasionally, I read some fiction, if it’s been highly recommended to me by someone who’s reading prowess I respect.

It all started when one night I was unable to sleep and surfing Netflix for something to watch that wouldn’t keep me too awake. It suggested I might like the TV show Missing, with three stars. Hrm. That sounded like just what I wanted, not too good, not too boring…just right. Sadly, Netflix was wrong and I totally loved the show, staying awake much too late for several nights in a row to binge watch it. Then I discovered it was based on a book series. A book series written by Meg Cabot.(!) I didn’t even bother with the library. Clickety Clack, I was on Amazon getting it shipped to my door. Four books in series called Vanished (also available under the name 1 800 Where R U). Woot.

Ok the TV series and the book series, so not the same thing. Loved the books as much as the show though, probably more.

Jess Mastriani is a sophomore in high school when she is struck by lightning. She discovers by complete accident she now has the ability to dream where someone is after looking at a picture of them. In the books you get to struggle with her as she tries to figure out her own moral code for using such a power. Of course the government would like her to help them out. And they are less than understanding when she declines. The books work you through Sophomore and Junior year of high school and then it all stops. NOOOOOOOO.

But Meg (Cabot) in all her wisdom, wrote a fifth book to please her readers.

In the fifth book Jess is older, she’s seen some stuff, done some stuff, and is trying to once again figure out her own set of rules for life. The fifth book actually references the TV show, which amused me. Meg ties up all the lose ends in the fifth one so I assume she’s done. Boo.

Over all I give the series ℘℘℘℘℘ – 5 pages. I love the books. I defy anyone to read them slowly. Binge is the only way to go. You’ll want to know what happens next. And I love Meg Cabot. I have most of her grown up books. They all get thumbs up.

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