Friday Fun

woohoo, I actually made it to writer’s cafe this morning. Did I get any work done? laughing…not really. I wrote three blog posts. I had vague hopes of getting all my weekend workshops for the next two months written and scheduled. I wasn’t crazy enough to think I would get the exercises done as well but at least the summary posts right? shrug, oh well.

So where am I with my novels.

  • My spy novel is on hiatus, again.
  • My romance is in the midst of being read out loud to my hubby. As soon as we are done hashing all that out, I have a fresh reader lined up to take a gander. I still need to research one more thing. I need a 1949 convertible sports car. That has not proved to be an easy google. But I tarry on.
  • Nano 2015 novel. Still researching a bit but feel like I have a grasp on what I really need to know. Not eager to get started though, I have too much fun life stuff between now and then.

Fun life stuff:

In a week my cuz and his wife are coming to visit for a few days. I haven’t seen them in years. So super excited about that.

Then I have an anniversary party, 10 years, which I am catering as well as enjoying.

Then my friend Patty comes for a few days.

Then I am running away for the weekend.

Then I am launching my romance on the world.

Then a cruise with the hubby and kiddo.

Then NANO.

So not rushing this fall. I plan to enjoy every moment of it. I can’t ever get some of these experiences back again. Time to savor them. What are you looking forward to this fall? What are you writing at Nano?

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