Weekend Workshop Sunday Edition

The title of Chapter 8 from Everyday Editing by Jeff Anderson is awesome. “Give me a break.” Yep and I’m taking one right now in St. Kitts.

But Anderson had another topic in mind. Paragraphs.

-Paragraphs help readers and writers chunk information together and separate it as well.

-Paragraphs may have any number of sentences. There is no rule.

-Paragraphs tend to focus on one main idea (unity), and its parts should be related (coherence).

I love this quote by Isaac Babel from Reading Like a Writer. “A new paragraph is a wonderful thing. It lets you quietly change the rhythm, and it can be a flash of lightning that shows the same landscape from a different aspect.”

I have no desire to type entire sections from novels I am currently reading to discuss why they broke things into paragraphs the way they did and I’m guessing you have no desire to read that. So let’s just say toodles here…

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