Nano 2015 #5

It’s always a good sign when the words you completed in a day are greater than the average words you need to complete each day to finish on time. So let’s call today a win.

Actually, it was pretty interesting. I was hosting a write in at the Writers Cottage and the staff showed up half an hour late. It’s always fun to stand about outside in sub 40 degree weather. Eventually however she opened the door and the kiddo and I went in. A short time later Nano people came, new Nano people. It was very exciting. I got to tell them all about the cool events on our calendar, give them copies, give them stickers, explain the whole Rhino thing. Definitely fun.

Then I took kiddo to parkour and got a few more words pounded out in between clapping for said kiddo as he did cool tricks.

Then play date. No words. Groceries, no words. And another play date, no words. But I got to come home to find a giant crane in my driveway. The construction kind before you ask.

All in all it was quite the day. I wanted more words but I got…

Words Today: 1612

Time Spent Writing: 90 minutes give or take plus 30 more chatting about Nano and novels, that counts right?

Total words: 8480

Estimated Completion Date: November 30


“What are you writing about this year, Lindsey?” I wanted to move the discussion off to more interesting topics immediately.
“Oooh, well this year I am writing an alternate history sort of, on an alternate planet.” She laughed.
“Is that SciFi then?”
She shrugged, “Sure, why not. I don’t know how much science there will be though, I am more on the fiction side.”
“And you Stephen?” keep the attention circulating on other people.
“It’s mashup world where all of Steven King’s nastiest creations co-exist with some unsuspecting humans.”
“You can do that?” I was so confused. I had thrown out so many stories over the years because at second reading they reminded me of something someone else had written.
“Sure, I’ll call it fan fic and everyone will applaud my ingenuity.” Stephen sounded very sure of himself.
I nodded. Fan fic. That was an interesting turn of phrase, covered a myriad of sins apparently.
Greg chortled but turned it into a cough when Stephen turned a stink eye on him. “This year I am writing a sequel to my horror opus.”
“A sequel? Didn’t you kill the bad guy in the first one?” Janne queried.
“He’s come back from the grave like all the good ones do.”
I raised an eye brow but kept my mouth shut. All the good bad guys? Again, interesting turn of phrase.
After a brief chuckle, Janne chimed in, “Writing another romance.”
“Do you write a lot of romances then?” I asked.
“Every year.’ Janne smiled sweetly.
“What Janne isn’t saying is she’s published ninety two books already.” Greg added with just a touch of snarkiness.
“Not ninety two Greg, don’t exaggerate. Twelve.”
My mouth gaped open. I used one hand to physically close my jaw. Slowly everyone at the table turned to look at me. My startled look prompted Stephen to ask, “What are you writing this year?”
“Oh.” I hesitated.”Um.” Now I was stalling for time.
“If you don’t want to say, you don’t have to,” Janne said kindly placing one hand on my arm.
I met her eyes and smiled, still stalling. I didn’t want to admit I had no idea what to write. In fact, I had little intention of writing anything at all. I thought I could just show up, dicker around on my laptop at three write ins a week and then fail spectacularly. I couldn’t even invent something on the spur of the moment, my brain was so full of the mornings events. I finally blurted, “I’m writing a murder mystery.”
Lindsey leaned forward, “Do tell.”
I opened my mouth and found myself describing the events of the morning and the serial killer and the newspaper articles as though they were a story I was planning to write.
Greg frowned, “Are you paralleling this on the current Dismember Killer case?”
I nodded, “I am. I thought it would be fun to try to figure it out ahead of the cops.” Where had I had procured such excellent lying on the spot skills?
“Cool.” Stephen said.
Lindsey nodded, “Totally cool.”
Janne smiled, “It sounds like you have a good start imagined out in your mind.”
“I do but I’m not sure what I should have the main character do next.” As I dropped this phrase I had wild hopes that an onslaught would follow and they did not disappoint me.

Character Sketch:

Lindsey, Greg,glsj Stephen, and Janne:

They will become Tess’s confidants. She will tell them everything she discovers as though it’s her novel and they will advise her how to write it next, which she will use to try to solve the murder. Go ahead and guess who is who….

3 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #5

  1. Lying on the spot skills…hm. She’ll be an excellent writer then, won’t she. The prompt comes and BAM you make something up…that sounds plausible…and leads to making another something up. Next thing you know, it’s a Novel (especially if you continue lying for 30 days in a row.) It’s the first time I ever realized that my love of writing fiction may be caused in part by my miserably poor skill at actually lying. I’m sure I will get caught, so my face is a reader board of ‘SHE’S LYING’. I gave it up long ago. But being a terribly imaginative and creative being, I still think of all the things I could say. Did I mention this is my 9th NaNo…I think I’m on to something here. Thanks for the spark of new understanding! LOL

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