Nano 2015 #4

It was a good day. Another morning where I didn’t want to get out of bed. Another day where elephants river danced on my roof.

But the writing did not want to flow today. I ground out every word. Bleh. I hate it when there it no flow. I feel like the words suck. And this novel is so choppy. Ugh. I just don’t know if this is going work out. This novel might be hitting the garbage can come December 1.

Words Today: 1397

Time Writing: 3 hours at write in but I was distracted and not writing a good portion of the time.

Total words: 6868

Estimated Completion Date: November 30 :/


Walking slowly and loudly so the deputy wouldn’t think I was sneaking up on him, I walked through to the kitchen and poured the second pot of coffee into a second carafe. I pulled out the blender pouring in 16 ounces of coffee and adding 3 tablespoons of butter. I squished the lid on and decided to warn the deputy before blending it all up. “Um, deputy? I’m going to run the blender now.”
He stepped quickly into the kitchen. “May I see the contents please?”
“Oh, um yes.” I gestured at the machine and stepped aside.
“Is that butter in there?” His toneless voice gave no trace of emotional context.
“Good stuff. Blend me a cup if you would.”
Gob smacked, I could only nod faintly.
I had just delivered his cup when Magda breezed in. “Sheriff, I demand you let this young woman go. It is the height of absurdity that you would even consider holding her as a suspect.”
“And you are Ma’am?”
“I am Magda Dupree. I am the President of this Country Club. Tess is my personal chef.”
The deputy nodded. “I see. Well Ma’am, she’s not under arrest. But this is a crime scene and I am going to have to ask you to leave.”
“But I’m the President of this Country Club.”
“Yes, Ma’am. I’m afraid even if you were the President of this Country, I would need to ask you leave an active crime scene.”
“It’s not active. No one is even doing anything. Is anyone even here but you and my poor abused chef?”
“Just you Ma’am and I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
I had never seen anyone shut Magda down like this. She seemed to actually not have anything to say. With a brief frown she turned on her heel and headed for her car. She stopped once she had opened the door and seemed poised to say something but closed her mouth and slid inside her Lexus instead.
I stepped back inside the building and took my coffee to a recliner. I needed a moment to collect myself. I needed more than a moment. Turned out I would have seventy two moments before the state crime scene team, medical examiner, and the detective arrived.

Character Profile: The Deputy

He’s practically a mute and totally unimportantthe deputy but…he’s featured in this excerpt so here you go.

11 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #4

  1. I was chatting up a storm at the write-in because I was stuck again. I had a vague idea of where to take it and no words. When I got home, I did what our NaNo mentors tell us and yammered until I got my word count. I kept writing. The words flowed quickly and fine, but I suspect they are terrible. For one thing there were very few paragraphs and the dialogue disappeared for most of it. But toward the end the characters were speaking again, and I think I have told myself where to go next. It was worth the trashing of about 1000 words or so during rewrite.
    Keep writing, my dear. Don’t drop it in the bin just yet!

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