Nano 2015 # 18

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting everyday this Nano. Last year I felt committed to that daily schedule. On days where words were elusive I found myself making 500 word posts defending my lack of progress on my Nano Novel. I decided to skip that insanity this year. If I don’t write, I don’t post. And I ain’t feeling guilty about it either.

I seem to be suffering from middle of the month slump. I am just not feeling it this year. Maybe it’s just that my main character has yet to make me feel compelled by her plight. I felt for Molly last year. I liked her, I liked her a lot. Tess, she’s maybe too close to me for me to embrace completely.

Ok That got a little more serious that I meant it to. But I just realized, this time last year my kiddo was still in school. I had almost four hours to myself each weekday. This year not only do I not have that time but instead I am teaching him, and creating curriculum, and sourcing materials, and crying into my ice tea. I need a vacation from Nano. Can I come back and finish my other 25K in December? LOL

Words Written Today: 1779

Time Spent: 3 hours

Total Words: 26788

Estimated Completion Date: Dec 4th


He needed to talk to Tom.
Claiming his motorcycle from the lot he drove the long way out to their favorite lakeside diner. It was practically empty after ten on a week day. He ordered a cup of coffee and then stepped to the back by the restrooms noting with a wry smile the sign that said “men’s room to the left, because woman are always right.” He stepped around the corner to use what had to be the last working pay phone in the state. “It’s me. The usual place.”
“The usual order.” Tom hung up.
Spence returned to his table and doctored his coffee with the real cream the diner served. It was an odd combination of dive diner and local fresh cuisine. The food was real food, not frozen container truck imported plastic.
Tiffy wandered over, “Not used to seeing you on a weekend day honey.”
Spence smiled. “Sometimes you just need a good food.”
Tiffy grinned, “I hear that. What can I get you?”
“Corned beef hash and eggs, over easy, and make it two.”
“Tom coming in then?”
Spence nodded.
“It’s been an age since I’ve seen him.” Tiff stated with just a hint of question.
“He was rather occupied lately.”
“Ahh, a woman.” Tiffy shook her head. “He never brought her here, she can’t have been much good for him.”
Spence couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “You have no idea how right you are doll.”
“Get you the paper to read while you wait?”
“Thanks. Appreciate it.”
Spence sipped his coffee and stared out the window trying not to think too much about Tess as a murder. Tiffy slipped the paper onto the edge of his table and kept on walking without disturbing his thought process. Spence slid a mindless hand over to to take the folded package and cracked it open to scan the front page. Blaring across the entire front was an article by Stephanie Lewis on the latest in the Dismember Killer case, Harold Paulson. She identified him by name, it had been enough days that information was common knowledge. She was reporting the death as a drowning still. On one hand Spence liked that she wasn’t getting any inside information. On the other hand, it was strengthening the case against Tom being the leak. Stephanie Lewis lingered in her reporting on the more salacious aspects on the murder. What the hell had Tom seen in her? Blond hair, long legs. Spence shook his head. He needed to be on alert to avoid finding himself in a similar predicament.
Tiffy delivered their meals complete with the thick homemade bread and fresh jam that accompanied every breakfast. Spence picked up his fork as was on the verge of pricking his eggs to allow the yolks to soak into the corned beef, when Tom slid into the booth across from him. “I see your manners are in top form.”
“Letting this food get cold would be a crime against humanity. Poor manners be damned.” Spence quipped.
“Missed you man.”
They were silent for a moment as Tiffy delivered a cup and filled it with coffee for Tom and topped off Spence. Then a few more minutes went by as they tucked in.
Finally with a sigh, Spence slid his plate slightly back and picked up his knife to spread jam on his toast. “I’ve got issues.”
“Tell me something new. I’ve known that for years.” Tom snarked at Spence with affection.

Character Sketch: Tom Southby

Detective Spenctomsouthbye Thomas’ partner and best friend. Currently on administrative leave pending an investigation into  information that was leaked to his reporter girlfriend. He knows the investigation will go against him. The process is putting a strain on their friendship.

5 thoughts on “Nano 2015 # 18

  1. I know what you mean about slowing down. The last couple of days I have less words than I did each day of last week. I’m still doing my daily but less so. As far as feeling Tess’ plight, just drop a ton of bricks on her head and ram her car into a drunk driver. Then you’ll feel her pain because her pain will be real.

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