Just a slice of life

I had to share this. I was awaken this morning by my son. The power went out last night and was out long enough to outlast the battery backup on my alarm clock. So Kiddo woke me and it went like this.

Kiddo: Good morning Mommy.

Me: Mumble mumble.

Kiddo: Daddy’s gone.

Me: Mumble, mumble.

Kiddo: Daddy’s gone and he didn’t take the packages.

Me: uh huh (pry open an eye and look out the sky light-see it’s practically still dark out there)

Kiddo: the packages you spent all day filling, he didn’t take them.

Me: (rolling over) is the dog here?

kiddo: um, no.

me: Daddy’s walking the dog.

Kiddo: oh. well since you’re awake now…..

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