Wednesday Writers Cafe

Good evening my friends. It has been such an interesting week and in some ways a seriously frustrating one. Monday I rushed home from a play date because the Reindeer Firetruck was coming through our neighborhood and kiddo didn’t want to miss it. Yeah, we needn’t have rushed. It drove by our house at 915PM. Seriously? My kid has been in bed and asleep for over an hour. By the time he’s old enough to stay up late enough to see Santa on the Reindeer Firetruck he isn’t going to care. sigh

If you follow the news at all you might know that the PacNW is flooding right now. Never been so happy my house is on a ridge. I often complain about it because there is no taking the dog for a quick flat walk. Any direction you go from my house involves hills. Loving my hills right now.

Tuesday: stayed home as it rained cats, dogs, elephants, and porpoises. My son refused to leave the house which was possibly wise but that meant that I couldn’t get the ingredients I needed to bake cookies and bacon cheesy bread for family. So Tuesday night after the board meeting, I got elected to the board FYI, of the country club on my mountain neighborhood, (this should be ringing some bells), I drove down into town. Yep, it was flooded. And there was the usual selection of idiots who drove off the road into a gully. sigh. But despite all that, it was still more pleasant than taking my son when he doesn’t want to gIMG_20151209_100940o shopping.

Wednesday I baked. Here I am in all my glory of stripped apron, hair every which way, and yesterday’s make up still smeared about my eyes. Photo by my ever so cute son, so I apologize for the composition. LOL. Eventually we drove 20 miles away to a Scholastic Book Faire, where I was reminded it could always be worse than having sold only 25 copies of my book. And no this isn’t a wind up to having sold only 24 copies. I bought a number of full, 50K plus word novels, for 50 cents at this book faire. FIFTY CENTS. Think about that. You sweated out a novel, edited it, had it beta’d, edited some more, finally got an agent who got your book in front of an editor who liked it enough to offer on it. You were traditionally published. Bells and whistles, kudos to you. And your book did so bad it ended up at a Scholastic Book Faire for fifty cents a copy.

Tonight I am at Wednesday Writers Cafe, yeah babysitter! I have actually been adding words to my NanoNovel. Yeah me! Last year I didn’t even touch my NanoNovel til mid January. But this year I am ready to continue spinning my tale of intrigue. And it’s not even mid December. LOL.

They got their hands on the video. They are watching. They will find the murderer picking up a delivery of roofies. And that will give them probable cause to bring her in for questioning. Can’t wait, so I’ll get back to that now. TTFN


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