L is for Loss


L“Constants when they come home from war: Loss of Mission, Loss of Purpose, Loss of Camaraderie. “

“The longer you are in the more you see the mission as your self. Doing for others is your purpose. You are with your team on a purpose that means more than any of your own lives. Then you come home and it’s gone.”

“When you come home you start to wrestle with the questions you didn’t have time to think about while deployed.”

“Those who serve give up a large chunk of their civil rights to do so.”

-After the Guns go Silent Panel

4 thoughts on “L is for Loss

  1. I felt privileged to attend this panel and come to understand a little more. I often thank returned military folks for their service, but I have new depths of gratitude after they shared with us so openly. I never realized the ache and hole it leaves even for those that don’t have PTSD or other injuries. I knew they sacrificed part of their past, but learned they also keep giving so much of themselves into their future.

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