Fiendish Friday: Drama

I have been blessed to have the kind of life that lands you in a 12 step program. I won’t get into what triggered that but I will say this 12 step leads you to committee work. It also teaches you how to behave on a committee. I wish to god everyone had a flipping 12 step program.

I am on two boards right now. And while I was gone on vaca both boards had drama explosions the size of Mt Vesuvius. Hundreds of emails of back biting and bitching and moaning and complaining.

I have easily spent an 15 hours this week, probably more, listening to or reading people’s drama via email and text, ¬†related to these two boards. All I really want to say is, it’s not personal. This is not about you. This is about providing service to a board that serves a community.

2016-05-10 10.57.45.jpg


I want to go back to my vacation desk.

I want to go back to that happy place where my son would rather go to Camp Carnival that demand my time.

Where solicitous men bring me yummy beverages with the slightest nod of my head.

Where the breeze is warm.

The water crystal clear.

My sense of peace reached idyllic heights.

And the ideas flowed unabated.



Can you blame me?

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