To write or not to write

that is the question at hand. I play this game called The Red Dragon Inn. I like it a lot. It’s a fun drinking game and the characters are amusing. Some thought has gone into it’s creation. Then one day I was reading a blog post about where to get plot ideas and blogger linked to a web page about black holes and suggested that you could write a novel about falling through a black hole and ending up somewhere.

Suddenly I knew, they were falling through the black hole and ending up at the Red Dragon Inn. So I jotted the idea down in my email draft box (where all ideas go to die) and walked on.

Only the damn idea wouldn’t flipping die.

It kept coming up behind me, tapping me on the shoulder, and saying excuse me but I think I want to …..

Fine, here’s a snippet I wrote at the character’s insistence. It is not meant to be the opening line or anything grand, in fact I’m pretty sure this is at least the second time she’s landed in the bar. You tell me whether I should let this be all there is or if I should feed this beast and let it live….

I landed on the lounger again, out of breathe. These landings weren’t getting any softer. As I lay there surveying my surroundings, a tiny bell rang. The passing serving wench paused, her hands full with tankards of mead. As she opened her mouth to speak I expected some sort of humor regarding angels getting their wings but instead she said, “You might want to move,” and glanced towards the darkness above me.
Defying her suggestion I lay back to look at the aperture I had recently fallen through. Then I dove for the floor. 
An ogre landed on the lounger with a grunt, all he had air for. He sat up quicker than I had learned to and nudged my leg out of the way of his foot before standing. I chose to see this as a polite gesture. 
He crossed the flag stone floor to belly up to the bar, roaring for a drink. 
I sat up slowly pondering his position in my quest. Was he my competition or my salvation?
Feed it or let it die?

3 thoughts on “To write or not to write

  1. Could be fun, but this isn’t enough for me to be sure there is enough. I’m on the fence. But if you don’t have a WIP of new writing, you could always do like you just did and throw down words as and when they come without a large commitment to it and see if it goes or doesn’t go.

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