Fiendish Friday: I’m a Bitch

I’ve found myself explaining this more than once this week. People just laugh like they don’t quite believe me. But I know this about myself. I know it well. I’ve had lots of experience. The simple fact is I will fill a power vacuum. And the problem with that?

I’m a bitch. I rule with an iron fist. No matter how hard I try, I’m Stalin with a five year plan and god help you if you step out of line. I’m demanding. I’m exacting. I expect everyone to toe the line as the rules are written and you better be able to explain why you deviated. On the other hand if you deviate and can explain it, I’ll back you to hell freezes over.

You do the job and you do it right? I will take care of you. You do the job and make an honest mistake? I will take care of you. Have the universal donor blood and Red Cross is desperate, four hours paid time off to donate, not a question. Pregnant wife is sick, why are you talking to me, take care of her, everything here will get handled. Need to change your schedule to really off hours to pick up your kids every day. We’ll make it work. VP of Engineering is verbally abusing you. Walk out. I’ll explain it to him in terms he can understand.

But for all that benevolence, I am still a dictator. So I don’t take positions of power.

I am an excellent servant. Loyal. Creative. Organized.

Finally the pool board listened. I am NOT the new President. LOL. But I’m still a bitch. LOL


10 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: I’m a Bitch

  1. “I’m Stalin with a five year plan and god help you if you step out of line.”

    … I think you just gave me, if not an opening line, a good prompt for restarting a short story I’ve been struggling with lately.

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