Book Review: The Martian

By now everyone and their brother has probably read The Martian by Andy Weir but what can I say, I tend to avoid those things which EVERYONE says you have to do. But it was available on kindle download and I was looking for something to take on my CA trip that wouldn’t be so interesting I would choose to read it over working on my own novel. LOL

I never read it on the trip. I was home for a good week before I double clicked one morning while waiting for my son to finish breakfast so I could start his home school for the day. Holy crap. I laughed my ass off. I actually read parts of it out loud to my husband who in his defense was just trying to pack his lunch and get out the door.

I read all day. Finished it in one day. Loved every second of it. I actually wish I had read it earlier because I knew from all the popular talk, Mark Watney gets off Mars. And I would have liked to have worried about him.

Mark Watney is funny. My kind of smart ass, all the way. He’s MacGyver with less zen like Buddhist peace. He’s politically incorrect. And the science is phenomenal.

If you haven’t read it, just do it. Whether you like science fiction or not has ZERO baring on the damn book. This isn’t science fiction. This is what man is capable of when he has to be. What man is capable of when politics are swept away and people work together for a common goal. The book is a love letter to man at his best. Happy Fourth!

℘℘℘℘℘℘ – 6 pages. A rare rating from me.

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