Wednesday Writer’s Update 7/6

Hello darlings. Want to guess what my next sentence will be?

I am not at writers cafe. LOL. How many of you got that right?

A good friend of mine called this morning, a family member was dying, could I take her two youngest? Of course I said yes and told her not to worry, just to collect them when she could, even if that was not today.

So I have three kids right now. And while I think that’s pretty easy peasy (at least with this set of kids), dumping three kids on the hubs…um yeah, not happening.

So I’m home, trying to get some work done. Things for the club. Things for that book I’m editing for a friend. Doing a little reading. Stunned I managed to walk the dog, yoga, and shower this morning. LOL

I’ve decided to report on my stated 2016 goals each Wednesday for a little prod of accountability.

– Participate in one flash fiction challenge per month.

√ New month, I haven’t failed July yet. LOL

– Prepare and teach “Nano to Publish”.

√ yep. posted last weekend about the June meeting, posting this weekend about writing summaries. Check it out.

– Any time I am not actively working on my 2015 Nano Novel, write 2500 words per week on my spy novel until it is done. (After four years, it’s time to put this mess to bed.)

√ First draft done and out to writer beta.

Non writing goals

– Prepare and teach two classes at the coop for the 2016-2017 school year.

√ Working on that actually. Reading a book I might use for my geography class.

– Take better care of my body, ie. stop compulsively painting, crocheting, and writing until my back or shoulder is so tore I can barely use either.

√ This has been good, partly because the club is sucking up so much time I don’t have any to spare to paint, crochet, or …

-Yoga daily

√ Much, much better.

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