Wednesday Writer’s Update 10/12

Happy Wednesday to you, happy Wednesday to you, happy Wednesday dear readers, happy Wednesday to you, and many more from channel 44.

Someone other than me must remember that….

Ok, moving on. Monday my friend C and I went to How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse class. It was mildly amusing. Mainly I think due to the incredible instructor who managed to keep a straight face no matter what was asked. Seriously, he must teach Junior High boys for a day job or something. LOL. What I came away with was this…even in a Zombie Apoc the gov’t can’t get it’s story straight. The CDC wants you to tag any Zombie you kill but the hunting license says you don’t need to tag and there’s no limit. shrug. what’s a girl to do. Batter up (with a spike in the end of the bat).

Missed write in tonight because the hubs asked me to stay home. Seems he got promoted and wants to celebrate. Aww, isn’t that sweet.

I’ve decided to report on my stated 2016 goals each Wednesday for a little prod of accountability.

– Participate in one flash fiction challenge per month.

√ sigh. I might just have to admit defeat on this one, this year.

– Prepare and teach “Nano to Publish”.

√ Almost done. Last class this year on Saturday. Well and a party in December. But we’re going on next year though. smiles. First Saturday of the month, 1130 AM, North Bend Library.

– Any time I am not actively working on my 2015 Nano Novel, write 2500 words per week on my spy novel until it is done. (After four years, it’s time to put this mess to bed.)

√ Working on editing it.

Non writing goals

– Prepare and teach two classes at the coop for the 2016-2017 school year.

√ Going swimmingly well. I actually am gaining students. But I have to say the hours I put in are crazy. On the other hand I won’t have to do this again, should I teach this exact same class. LOL.

– Take better care of my body, ie. stop compulsively painting, crocheting, and writing until my back or shoulder is so tore I can barely use either.

√ Doing well except for the 3 hours I spent carrying legos upstairs to empty the kiddo’s toy room before the painters come to paint.

– yoga daily.

√ check, check. Namaste.

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