Book Review: Grilled for Murder

Still on that cozy mystery trend. Grilled for Murder by Maddie Day. Second book in the Country Store Mystery series, I was quite ok having not read the first one, although I might go back and read it now that I liked the second one. LOL.

The main character, Robbie Jordan, had just opened her life long dream, country store and restaurant, in the small town her aunt lives in. She reluctantly agrees to cater an event at her store and the next morning finds a dead body.

Some things I liked about the style.

-Robbie has no desire to be an investigator. She isn’t begged into it by anyone. She tries to stay out of things.

-You know what Robbie knows, when she knows it. Nothing is kept from you. You can make all the deductions Robbie does.

-Someone very unpleasant is killed. Someone very unpleasant did the murder. I never like it the story line has the wonderful person die, killed by someone backed into a corner. Give me nasty gets what’s coming to them, every time.

Things I didn’t like about the style:

-It’s a little repetitive.

-Author Day isn’t quite careful enough with tracking her facts. There are a few “but, wait” moments.

℘℘℘℘ – Solid four pages. Read it Sunday in between household chores. Enjoyable. Amusing. Has curl up with a good bottle of wine on a rainy night written all over it.



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